April 2009

Urban EcoMap previewed during Earth Day in San Francisco


In advance of the launch of the Urban EcoMap, the application was previewed during the Mayor of San Francisco's Earth Day event.

San Francisco is the first city worldwide to introduce the Urban EcoMap. The web-based tool will will be made available to the general public at the Connected Urban Development conference in Seoul, 21st May 2009. The visual demo can be viewed on this website, and at the application website: www.urbanecomap.org.

Urban EcoMap gives every person the ability to see the collective results of individual climate change actions, while also motivating people to make responsible environmental choices and creating competition among neighborhoods to reduce their carbon footprint. Urban EcoMap provides information on carbon emissions from transportation, energy and waste among neighborhoods, organized by ZIP codes.


"Urban EcoMap in San Francisco provides residents, businesses and our city as a whole with much-needed tools to reduce our carbon footprint. With our city's effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2012, we are pleased - and think it's apropos - that Cisco selected San Francisco as the first city in the world to launch Urban EcoMap." - Gavin Newsom, Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

"Because cities produce 80 percent of GHG emissions worldwide, they present the largest opportunity for innovation and social behavior changes. Citizens want to see the collective results of their individual climate-change actions." - Simon Willis, vice president, global public sector, Cisco IBSG

Feature articles:

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Video Blogs: by Mayor Gavin Newsom and Nicola Villa from Cisco IBSG.

Return to www.urbanecomap.org on the 21st May. In the lead in to then,join the online discussion there, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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