September 2008

EcoMap is presented at PICNIC conference in Amsterdam

The EcoMap was presented by Jared Blumenfeld from the County and City of San Francisco, and Wolfgang Wagener from Cisco at the PICNIC Cross Media Week, where innovative ideas from media, technology, entertainment, art and science were discussed. The EcoMap, which is one of the latest intelligent technology solution from the Connected Urban Development program featured in a session focused on Tracking our World.

Smart Work Center opening


The Smart Work Center launch during the Connected Urban Development conference brought extensive media coverage, as the vision of work fitting into peoples lives and the change in the nature of work, which is brought about by technology captured the imagination of the Mayors of Amsterdam, and Almere, as well as the conference delegates at the CUD conference.

Announcing the opening of the Smart Work Center to include TelePresence, Bas Boorsma, the Leader of Connected Urban Development Amsterdam, in Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) stated;
"We are taking a completely new look at how to optimize the working day. If principles of smart work are applied at large then the first result would be that information exchange is no longer a primary reason for physical transport, which would mean less energy spent, less time spent and a better work-life balance."

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