August 2008

Looking To The Future


Cisco and the Discovery Channel take the lead in connecting people to tomorrow's reality. Watch Cisco IBSG visionary Dave Evans talk about the Connected Bus solution that was co-developed by Cisco IBSG and the City of San Francisco as part of Cisco's Connected Urban Development Initiative.


The Green Enterprise, August 2008


In an interview with ZD Net's Green Enterprise program, Dave Evans, Chief Technologist of Cisco's IBSG Innovations Practice, discussed The Connected Bus. The interview showcases a number of technologies in a comprehensive look at Cisco's environmental sustainability efforts, and how its partnership in the Connected Urban Development is providing global leadership in sustainable technology solutions.

Green Technology Interview, August 2008


In an interview with Green Technology Magazine, Laura Ipsen from Cisco highlights Connected Urban Development as a leading initiative in Cisco's focus on enabling collaboration across the Human Network.

CUD Global Conference Amsterdam - Registration and Agenda


The second Connected Urban Development Global Conference 2008 will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 23-24 at the Passenger Terminal. Co-hosted by Cisco and the City of Amsterdam. The event Registration and Conference Agenda have been announced. Find out more about the conference on the Cisco website

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