Connected Urban Development Global Conference - Seoul 2009 Connecting Cities for Sustainable Living: An Urban Revolution

Seoul - 21st-22nd May 2009

The third Connected Urban Development Global Conference took place on 21-22 May, 2009 at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The conference followed the success of the two Connected Urban Development Global conferences in San Francisco and Amsterdam in 2008.

The theme for the Seoul conference was "Connecting Cities for Sustainable Living: An Urban Revolution"; this is one of the main focus topics of the Connected Urban Development (CUD) - a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)- which focuses on innovation and cities, by addressing the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Seoul are the three founding cities collaborating on the CUD initiative, and were joined in 2008 by Lisbon, Madrid, Birmingham, and Hamburg.

The Vice-Mayor of Seoul, Duksoo Lee, delivered the keynote address for the event, which gathered city leaders, businesses, and research institutions from around the globe.

The objectives of the conference are to recognize cities for their efforts in addressing climate change, engage interested participants, discuss challenges leaders are facing in the area of sustainability, and establish a community of collaboration.

This unique, invitation-only event provided attendees an opportunity to explore how cities are using information and communication technology (ICT) to create solutions that help reduce carbon emissions in metropolitan areas. A series of interactive sessions took place to provide you with new ways to innovate, foster closer relationships among cities, and identify innovative ways to harness the power of ICT in an era of climate change.

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