Connected Urban Development Global Conference - San Francisco 2008 - Connecting Cities: Innovation for Sustainability

San Francisco - Feb 2008

Connected Urban Development, 1st Global Conference, 20th-21st February 2008

From the global leadership vision of the Clinton Foundation to a live demonstration of a green, connected bus - the inaugural Connected Urban Development (CUD) conference captured the breadth of thinking and actions that the CUD program represents. Over two days delegates heard about visions and aspirations as well as the practical implementations necessary for a more sustainable future for cities. All presentations and thought leadership content from the Connected Urban Development conference can be found in this section. These are organized according to the proceedings of the two days, as the agenda listed here also indicates;

Conference Entry video

Conference Entry video

Video used to begin each plenary session throughout the two days of the conference

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CUD Global Conference Agenda - San Francisco 20-21 February 2008

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