Connected Urban Development Global Conference - Amsterdam 2008 - Connectivity for Sustainability

Amsterdam - September 2008

The second Connected Urban Development Global Conference 2008 took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 23-24 at the Passenger Terminal. Co-hosted by Cisco and the city of Amsterdam, the conference followed the success of the first Connected Urban Development Global 2008 event - Connecting Cities: Innovation for Sustainability - which took place in San Francisco, California in February.

The theme of the Amsterdam conference was "Connectivity for Sustainability," a main topic of the Connected Urban Development initiative (CUD). Connected Urban Development is a commitment by Cisco to the Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together a community of global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions for some of the world's most pressing challenges, such as energy, climate change, and sustainability.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet world - class thought leaders and public officials leading the CUD effort, including the mayors of each partner city. Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Seoul are the three founding cities collaborating on CUD. They have recently been joined by Lisbon; Madrid; Birmingham and Hamburg.

Refer to the conference agenda here for details of the keynote and breakout sessions;

Conference Entry video

Video used to begin each plenary session throughout the two days of the conference

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CUD Global Conference Agenda - Amsterdam 23-24 September 2008

CUD Conference BREAKOUT Agenda - Amsterdam 23-24 September 2008

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